About us


Textilberatung Hamburg focuses on specific aspects of the textile chain.

Textile Rental Service

We are familiar with the ins and outs of the textile service industry. We understand the processes involved in the treatment of workwear, dirt-stopper mats and hotel textiles. We are aware that the market is in a state of rapid change.

Workwear and Protective Clothing

We are conscious of the special demands placed upon work and protective wear. We know the manufacturers and their suppliers. We are aware that the workwear sector will have to react to market demands with innovative products.

Flat Linen and contract Business

WWe are familiar with all aspects of non-household textiles. We appreciate their strength, which is the logical consequence of their specific profile of requirements. We know that Industry 4.0 is necessitating the integration of textiles within information technology.

Sustainability and CSR

We know that industry participants are increasingly focusing on sustainability in all its facets. We are familiar with the numerous aspects that are motivating companies and know who is playing a pioneering role.