What do the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals have to do with the fashion industry?
The non-profit organisation Fashion Revolution answers the question in a very informative and industry-up-to-industry course on the learning platform In four learning modules, he gives a good overview of the elements "No Poverty", "Gender Equality", "Decent Work and Economic Growth", "Climate Action", "Clean Water and sanitation", "Life lelow water", "Protect and restore ecosystems, forests and biodiversity" "Responsible Consumption and Production".
Learning is entertaining, constructive, fun and deserves the award.

A new study on the greenhouse gas potential of different circular textile models models is going to become a show-stopper. The authors state that sharing - i.e. a renting model for fashion - and textile recycling are poisonous to the climate. In the study "Innovative recycling or extended use? Comparing the global warming potential of different ownership and end-of-life scenarios for textiles", the scientists around Jarkko Levänen compared the carbon dioxide equivalents of different circular models, limiting themselves to selected processes. The result is likely to become a shock to many: According to the researchers' calculations, sharing and recycling are climate destroyers. Find out why it is a limited approach in the 10/21 issue of R&W Textilservice.