Right now, just in the winter time, the Finnish trade journal Textiililehti published an article about textiles with a cooling effect. It considers possibilities along the entire production chain: whether fibres with a trilobal cross-section, dyes with low infrared absorption and transmission or microencapsulated peppermint oils - they all lower the temperature when it gets hot. Even in the far north.

Before officiallysubmitted, research projects of the textile industry are subject to severaltests. The first takes place at the Forschungskuratorium Textil (TextileResearch Board, FKT, Berlin), where an expert committee consisting of 43honorary experts reviews the project applications. For the FKT Textile ResearchReport 2018, various committee members, including Sabine Anton-Katzenbach, wereasked about their motivation for this commitment. Here is her answer, which canbe read in the report on page 6:

"Researchersare absolute luminaries in their field, which is good for the cause. However,scientists usually have little practical experience and rather superficialmarket knowledge. In addition, research has a tendency to pursue the desiredgoal with a rigid view forward and thereby become blind to the disadvantages.Robert Oppenheimer had to make this experience. Even if textile research isunlikely to enter such a dangerous territory as nuclear physics, I consider itmy duty to weigh up the opportunities and risks of a planned research projectand take a stand.”

Sharing systems have arrived in the fashion industry! Although the concept of renting clothes instead of buying them had already set a precedent with workwear in the late 1950s the leap has now been made into apparel: maternity wear, baby and children's clothing and accessories, everyday fashion and brand new designer collections are supplied mainly to women by a subscription model.

The 10 page-market research "Common Clothes: Sharing one’s wardrobe“ gives a profound overview over concepts, terms and pricing models of online sharing-systems for apparel in Germany, Italy and North America. 19 options are compared with 11 providers: website, year of founding, offering, sharing package, minimum sharing time/duration, sharing rate for single units, monthly sharing rate for package/capsule/box, available sizes, condition of apparel, shipping rate, pickup by the customer, return shipment, commencement of sharing contract, acquisition/purchase, insurance, damages and losses, laundering and repair, disposal.

The market research is available at a price of EUR 110.00 (incl. VAT) at