Business Communication

Every company has something to say. The message conveyed must reach the recipient and reflect all facets of the expertise held by the bearer of the message. With our many years of experience in journalism and our specialist expertise, we support our customers in communicating a wide variety of different types of content.

Public Relations

Media information should attract attention if it is to be effective. We make sure you have the right face to the trade press. We develop ideas and themes for public relations work, implement them professionally and place our clients’ news with editorial offices. On request, we can also create press distribution lists and take care of advertising planning.

Corporate Publishing

Customer magazines, employee magazines or company newspapers should appeal to readers. To ensure effective corporate communications, we develop the conceptual design and the customer-specific layout, implementing it at the editorial level for the benefit of the target group. We revise technical texts, draft sustainability reports, create blog entries and put customer-specific content into words.

Experts texts

We formulate messages clearly to ensure that they reach its intended audience. We prepare textile-related texts for online and printed publication, edit CSR-reports and technical documentations, product descriptions, brochures and other material.

Ralf Hellmann, CEO Dibella b.v., Aalten (Netherlands)

Translation service & Text adaption

Whether or not a message is understood by its recipient depends primarily on the language in which it is expressed. We make sure that your message is communicated in an understandable manner. Using the services of qualified translators, we competently adapt your documents into all European languages.

specialized journalism

Textiles are the stuff of stories. And we tell them. Applying a blend of technical and journalistic expertise together with industry and insider knowledge, we produce in-depth reports and articles for trade journals and other specialist publications.